Fall is Engagement Session Season! Here are our top 5 tips

September 28, 2020

As summer fades to fall, the leaves put on a spectacular show for us in Northeast Wisconsin, making it the perfect time of year to have your engagement photos taken! Here are our top five tips for a successful engagement session:

Schedule hair and makeup
Ok, so this one may seem obvious, but these photos will be in your life for a long time! Treat yourself before your session by scheduling an appointment with a professional hairstylist and makeup artist. Remember – go a little heavier than normal on your makeup. Photos can sometimes wash you out, so you want to wear a bit more than you’re used to so that you glow on camera!

Photo of our couple, Lauren and Sam, by Erin Jean Photography

Coordinate, don’t match
When it comes to outfits, choose options that coordinate rather than match. Neutral colors are always best since they’re timeless and photograph well. Pick something that will help you shine. You want people to be looking at you in your photos, and not what you’re wearing!

Get your nails done!
A fresh mani is a requirement for all of those up close shots of your new bling! When it comes to color, keep your outfit choices in mind so that your nails don’t clash.

Photo of our couple, Maggie and Curtis, by Erin Jean Photography

Go formal and casual
Pick one formal outfit and one more casual option. Two outfits is usually the best number to do so that you can maximize the time being photographed and not the time changing. Find the perfect dress for one of your selections, and then go for a cute sweater and jeans for the other. Remember to match your outfits to the vibe of your photo location. For example, a super formal dress and suit wouldn’t make sense at a barn.

Photo of our couple, Anne-Marie and Jed, by Jessica Bedore Photography

Include all of your family members
Have a pet or children together? See if your photographer is OK with you bringing them along for a few photos! While you should ask for a few great portraits of just you and your fiance, it doesn’t hurt to include the whole family in your session.

Questions for us about your engagement session? Let us know in the comments and we’ll get back to you!