Planning during the pandemic: Wedding insurance

July 29, 2020

It’s hard to find an industry that COVID-19 hasn’t affected, but for couples planning their big days amidst this pandemic, there are a unique set of circumstances to consider. Today we want to chat about wedding insurance, what it is and whether you’ll likely be covered if your wedding is affected.

Photo: Erin Jean Photography

First off – what is it? According to the Knot, “There are two common types of wedding insurance couples typically purchase: general liability and cancellation coverage. General liability insurance covers the couple for accidents at the wedding, like injuries or property damage. This insurance will not cover postponements or cancellations due to coronavirus.”

The second type of wedding insurance is cancellation coverage. A cancellation policy covers your costs that you would have if you need to cancel your wedding because of a severe event. Examples of severe events could include a hurricane, blizzard or power outage that caused the wedding to not happen. It sometimes also covers you if a family member is sick and cannot attend, causing you to change your plans.

If you purchased a policy before COVID-19 happened, then you may be covered, but the date of purchase is critical to whether you will be reimbursed. Because Coronavirus is now a known pandemic, you cannot retroactively purchase insurance to cover pandemic-related cancellations.  

If you’re getting married in 2021, however, it may be a smart idea to consider investing in wedding insurance. We have now seen how unprecedented events can affect weddings, so having a cancellation insurance policy yo protect yourself is not a bad idea. Keep in mind that any future insurance policies you purchase will not protect your wedding against any coronavirus-related cancellations.

For more information about wedding insurance, check out this helpful article from The Knot.