What Makes Our Team Different (In a Good Way!)

April 14, 2020

The Alliey + Co. team of ladies (most of us!)

Let us guess… you’re looking for a wedding planner, did some quick research and soon found out that there are quite a few options in our area. With SO many wedding planning companies to chose from, at so many different price points, you might be wondering what the difference is!

Today, we wanted to address a few of the reasons that we feel our team is separated from the competition. Think of it as our elevator pitch, in blog form 😉

1.) Our years of experience
It’s an easy thing to overlook, but we feel that after more than a decade in the wedding industry (in this area!), we’ve made some pretty amazing connections. All of those connections with venues, photographers, videographers, caterers, makeup artists, hair stylists, DJs and more mean that we can get the very best team for your wedding day.

We also just have a really solid workflow for planning weddings and for your actual wedding day. The Alliey + Co. team is a well-oiled machine! We’ve seen it, done it and solved it. Weddings are second nature for us, and we know that we can make yours the best day of your life.

Photo: Mark Hawkins Photography

2.) Our approach to planning
We don’t believe in simply showing up on your wedding day and setting up some decor. Our team is here for you throughout as much of the planning process as you want us to be. From budgeting to designing your day to cleaning it all up at the end of the night, we have a team robust enough to do it all.

Because we’ve been in the wedding space for so long, our standards are really high. No matter what services you hire us for, our team goes above and beyond to make sure that your level of service is second to none.

3.) Our eye for details
Not only have we spent years planning weddings, but we’ve also spent years perfecting our craft. Alliey is a certified Master Planner (there are less than 100 in the world!) and she sits on several national boards in the wedding industry. Her exposure to the latest and greatest wedding trends means that you’re going to have a wedding that people talk about for years!

Photo: Erin Jean Photography

4.) Our work ethic.
Lastly, our work ethic and team motto is that we “Create unforgettable events.” Our number one goal is to produce a wedding that your guests will always remember as an incredible day. Our top priority is doing that all while making sure that you as a couple don’t have any stress. There are a lot of details that go into making that happen. We do all of the nitty gritty work while you do the fun parts like picking colors, tasting cake and trying on wedding dresses.

We exist so that you can look back on your wedding planning process, and on your actual wedding, with nothing but positive memories. You get married once. We want you to sit back and enjoy the experience.

After all… you’re supposed to be a bride, not a wedding planner. 🙂