Our Top Tips for Your Winter Wedding Day

January 17, 2020

Getting married in the winter? Congrats! We love this cozy time of year, when you can celebrate your love with your closest friends and family while watching the snow fall. We also know that there’s a crazy amount of work that goes into those pretty candlelit celebrations. Here are our wedding day tips for all of you winter brides out there! 

Watch the weather.
This may be obvious, but take a look at the forecast on the morning of your wedding so that you know if snow or ice will be joining you on your big day. You’ll want to be prepared if you need to leave yourself more time to get around. Which leads us to #2… 

Pack accordingly. 
Whether you’re in for snow or not, make sure to bring a winter parka, snow boots (or close toed shoes), and gloves with you on your wedding day. That way, you can warm up in between portraits that may take place outdoors. And don’t forget the Kleenex for runny noses or makeup touchups after braving the cold winter air. 

Plan ahead.
If you’re not working with a wedding planner, be sure to talk with your photographer or venue coordinator in advance to plan out the best location for photos. Consider whether you want them inside or out in the elements. Having a plan and a backup plan will ensure that you can adapt for the conditions. We suggest finding a location near a building where you and your wedding party can warm up between shots if you’re considering outdoor photos. 

Watch the light. 
In the winter months, the sun sets much earlier. Keep this in mind when you’re planning your timeline. For example, if you want light-filled photos, make sure that you’re not planning a ceremony after 3 p.m. (especially if you don’t want to do a first look with photos beforehand!). 

Keep your guests cozy. 
Offering coffee or a hot chocolate bar can help guests stay warm when transferring between ceremony and reception locations. It’s also a nice way to tie in a winter theme!