5 Tips to “WOW” your wedding guests

April 23, 2019

Want to “WOW” your wedding guests???

Our Top 5 ways to Impress your Guests!

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event! More & more we keep seeing the trend of couples wanting to provide an exceptional experience for their guests. They are looking for exciting ways to create not only a stunning venue space but also showcase fun activities but to make their guests feel special, cared for, and entertained.

We’ve put together our 5 favorite ways to “WOW” your guests!


1. Personalize Everything!

This works on two levels. We LOVE when couples incorporate a custom crest or monogram for their wedding day! Putting your signature “brand” on all different print items takes your decor to the next level and gives a cohesive look. Along with that, you can also personalize various items with your guests names which definitely shows that you went the extra step to make them feel special!

Escort Cards, Seating Charts, Welcome Bags, Shuttle Timelines, Thank you’s , Menus, etc.

All of these can be customized with both a monogram/crest and personalized with their names for that added touch!


2. Care about their Comfort

Put yourself in their shoes when you think through the flow of the day. Everything from the timeline of the day, menu thoughtfulness and options, time spent sitting, hosted cocktails, a warm beautiful enviroment, indoor/outdoor climate and temperature, appetizer options before supper…

It’s always helpful to reflect back on past weddings & events that you’ve been to and think about what worked well and what didn’t. When you think through your own wedding day from your guests perspective it may make certain decisions more clear


3. Inform Them

There’s nothing more annoying to a guest than being uninformed on the wedding day for what to do when and where. Have multiple forms of communication to ensure that they know what is going on. This includes things like signage (Welcome signs, bar options, dessert table, timeline of events, various location/directions signs, etc) and smaller print items (programs, menus, hotel itinerary, place cards, etc).

Another way to inform your guests is through verbal annoucements from the officiant or DJ. Especially at the reception your DJ can play a crucial role in directing the flow of the event by announcing what is happening next. Be sure to communicate all of the important times with them prior.

And the big kicker is that once you’ve informed them you also need to be respectful and punctual to ensure that the stated events happen when you say they will.


4. Surprise Them!

We LOVE a good wedding surprise! What is something fun and special that you can add to the day that no one will know about? Fireworks, musical performance, an extra thoughtful favor, late night treat or activity… We’ve had couples bring in dueling pianos, their favorite ice cream brand, late night taco truck, caricature artists, and more!

Think of something that is unique or special to you as a couple and how you could incorporate that into your wedding day.


5. Thank them

This seems like an obvious one but you’d be amazed at how much your guests will appreciate it when they’ve been thanked properly. Have an opening (or post dinner) speech where you verbally thank your guests for coming. Go the extra mile and have a nicely printed or handwritten note at each place setting. Be sure to send your thank you cards in a timely manner after the wedding and always include a handwritten note inside.


Looking for someone to help bring your wedding vision to life and create an unforgettable experience for your guests? Send us a message! We’d love to chat more about your big day!


Photo: Erin Jean Photography