Football & Weddings – Tips for the Fall Bride

April 17, 2019

Packers 2019 Schedule Released

This is probably unique to our town but many couple’s eagerly await for mid-April for the Packers Schedule to be released. Not just for love of the team but also for wedding planning.

Being a small town with an NFL team is awesome (and we LOVE our Packers ) but it does create some unique challenges for Fall weddings, especially when it comes to home games and reserving hotel blocks for your guests.

Typically you are unable to secure a room block prior to April when the football schedule is released – at that time then you are at the mercy if the date you picked is a home or away game.  If your wedding date does land on a home game weekend the room rates can be much higher than ordinary price and most hotels will also require a two-night minimum stay instead of just one night.

Be sure to let your out-of-town guests know to reserve their hotel room plenty in advance to avoid scrambling to find a room at the last minute. 

As it gets closer there are a few other things to keep in mind like the availability of certain vendors or transportation around key parts of the city if a home game happens to land on the same day as your wedding. 

Definitely, some things to keep in mind when you’re setting the date for your big day!


Click here for the 2019 Schedule



Photo: Maison Meredith Photography

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