Bridal Alterations

March 25, 2019


Bridal Alterations

All the major things are checked off your list – ceremony, photographer, venue, food, and now you’ve found the perfect dress!!…. well almost perfect ūüôā Most wedding gowns will still require some alterations to ensure that it fits you like a glove on your wedding day. This is also an added expense that brides often forget to budget for and not to mention the additional time that it takes to have the alterations done. And be mindful that alterations may require multiple fittings before getting everything just right.¬†

Talented seamstresses seem to be at an all-time low. It is very important to consider purchasing your dress locally if you want alterations done locally. Currently, seamstresses are booked up through June, and they will only get busier as we get into late spring and summer. It is recommended to call for alteration appointments 3-5 months prior to the time before your wedding/event date.

If you want the best service purchase from where you want the best service from after the sale.

To recap here are a few of our quick tips to remember when it comes to your wedding dress & alterations


Bridal Alterations Tips:

  1. Allow enough time – You don’t want to be scrambling to have your dress altered. Even when you want to start looking for a dress¬†keep this process in mind so that you have ample time built in¬†for alterations. Don’t forget to check with your seamstress first on how far out she’s booking.
  2. Use an experienced professional seamstress – Read reviews and be sure to use someone who is an expert in this area. It will save you time, money & stress in the long run!
  3. Don’t forget the shoes! – You’ll need to have your exact wedding shoes once you start alterations to ensure that you get the right length, so make that one of your first purchases after you’ve bought your dress. Same goes for undergarments.
  4. Budget for alterations – Remember to factor that in when budgeting for your dress. Depending on how extensive the alterations are these costs can add up.
  5. Ditto these tips for your bridesmaids – We’ve all heard of that one bridesmaid who waited until the last minute to try on her dress and then begged her aunt/cousin/grandma/next door neighbor to hem her dress the week of the wedding….yeah try to avoid that LOL. Bridesmaid dresses often need to be altered as well. Let¬†them know these tips up front to help them avoid any issues ūüôā

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