Top 4 Items Couples Forget About When Planning Their Wedding

March 20, 2019

Are you forgetting something?

Wedding planning is an exciting time for  many reasons but we also know that it is filled with so many decisions! It’s no wonder that there are often a few items that routinely get overlooked by couples. We’ve compiled the top things that many couples forget about when planning.

Alterations – This is a big one for two reasons – One because it affects the timeline of when you should buy your dress and two because it has a big impact on the budget for your gown. Be sure to allow plenty of time for alterations to be done as it can take weeks to a few months for them to be completed, depending on the availability of your seamstress. Also it’s common for brides to just think of their dress budget as the ticket price for their gown but fail to factor in the cost of alterations which many times can be double the end cost of the dress. Don’t forget to keep this in mind when setting your dress budget

Transportation of guests – You’ve probably thought through the transportation for yourselves and the bridal party but don’t forget about the guests. All of this will depend on your ceremony venue, reception venue, and lodging. Be mindful of distances between locations and when possible plan for shuttles or bussing services if needed. Additionally if you are providing transportation for your guests this will be another cost that will affect your overall budget.

Postage – Here’s another one that has a significant cost impact. When creating your budget be sure to have line items for both the cost of the invites as well as postage. But on top of that also realize that the type of invite you choose can change the cost of postage depending on the size of invite and, overall weight & style (number of pieces included, thickness of paper, ribbon, etc.). Plus you also have to consider the additional postage for the other items you will be sending as well such as the RSVP envelopes, Save the Date cards, and Thank you cards.

Gratuity/Service Charges & Tax – Many couples often forget that to account for gratuity, service chargers and tax on any number of services provided for your day. For instance,  this can be an additional 20-25% on top of your food and beverage bill, which can really add up.

Budgeting is a huge part of the early planning process and we know how difficult it can be to set the plan, make sure you’re accounting for everything, AND then stick to the budget. Honestly for us as wedding planners, this is one of the biggest benefits we provide to our clients. As well as being a resource to know realistic pricing specific to your region, how to not be overcharged for things, and in the end how to stick to your budget and create the wedding of your dreams.


If you’re looking to have someone come alongside and help with your budget, wedding planning, and designing your perfect day – we’re here to help!

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Photo by Ash & James Photography