Choosing your Wedding Party Tips

March 3, 2019

Who are your people??

For some, this is a no brainer, and for others, this task is one of the most stressful – choosing your wedding party.

It can be hard to think of this task objectively since it involves friends and family but we hope to provide an outside perspective that might just save you some stress down the road! 

If you’re struggling with whether or not to ask someone to be your bridesmaid or groomsman, we’ve put together a few helpful questions to consider before popping the question.

1. Is the person you’re asking going to be there in your future, for you, no matter what?
2. Is the person you’re asking overly emotional, in a bad way? If you so you may see this exemplified throughout the wedding planning process and especially on the wedding day.
3. Is the person you are asking there for you now? 
Will they put YOU first on your wedding day or will it be about them?
4. Is this person truly happy in your decision to get married to your partner?

Often times we see couples feel obligated to ask certain people to be in their wedding party, for any number of reasons. In the end, this ends up adding more drama throughout the wedding planning process. 

Our best advice is…less is more. Having a small wedding party, of those who you know, love and trust you and your decisions will bring a sense of peace throughout not only the months leading up to your wedding but especially on your wedding day. 

cover photo: Ash & James Photography

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