#5 Guest List Tips

February 6, 2019

Guest Lists….need we say more! One of the more tedious tasks of planning a wedding. Everyone and their mother (literally) has an opinion on this but we’re here to be that voice of reason to help sort things through. 

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when putting your list together. Be sure that you and your fiance sit down and talk through your overall vision for your wedding as well as your budget before assembling your list.

We’ve compiled our Top 5 Tips on Creating your Guest List!

1. Consider your Budget
– Your guest list is responsible for the amount of money you will spend. The more people you have means more tables, more flowers, more plates of dinner, more favors, more ceremony programs, larger rental fees, etc…
2. Think Longterm – Who will be there for you 5-10 years down the road. Do you want to invite people just because they invited you to their wedding?
3. Kids?? – How many children do you want there? Maybe just ones that are close to you? Or do you want all of your 2nd cousin’s kids there too??
4. Stay Even – Make it fair between the families. As best you can, try to allow for an even amount ( or close) between the bride’s & groom’s families. It’s also helpful when looking at family invites to make a cut-off relation point where you only invite up to (ie. first cousin or second cousin).
5. Limit Extra Guests – Limit the amount of “and guest’s” that singles can bring. It’s your call if you want to include guests for your single friends and family but if you’re looking to trim your guest list consider whether their potential guests will be in your lives long term or in the future.

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