#1 Wedding Budget Mistake

January 28, 2019

What’s the #1 wedding budget mistake couples make???

Well it’s actually 2 fold; it’s not knowing how much to budget for things and not having a good understanding of how much various wedding items & services actually cost in your area.

You can find tools online that will give a general idea of how to create a wedding budget but those usually paint a broad picture and don’t help you out for your exact location. Prices for weddings will vary based upon your geographic location and also depending on your taste and the style you are looking for.

A good place to start is to discuss your wedding priorities and what means the most to both of you on your day. Discuss who will be contributing financially towards the wedding. Also, determine your guest list as this will be the crucial factor that determines how much of your budget is spent. 

We typically say that your venue is usually 40% of your overall budget. Keep that in mind when determining what places you’re looking at along with your guest count. It’s always a good idea to sit down with a local professional who can give you more specific numbers on what things cost in your area.

For our brides, we love getting to sit down and really help them structure their budget to make the most of their money and create the wedding of their dreams. Knowing you have that in place at the start of your wedding planning makes such a difference and helps alleviate so much stress throughout the next months.

If you’re newly engaged and want help setting your budget and planning your wedding, send us a message! We offer free consultations and would love to help you plan your day!