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April 10, 2018

Bar Options without Breaking the Budget

Hosted bar? Signature Drinks? Wondering how to make the best decision when it comes to your drink options at your reception? We’ve got you covered! We’re sharing options that keep your guests happy & hydrated AND keeps you from breaking your budget on the bar!

People ask if they should host (pay for) the bar. I explain it as well, if you were having a party at your home would you charge your guests for a drink? This is the biggest party you will ever throw – do you want guests shelling out money?

You don’t have to host the entire bar, but host enough to keep your guests happy – like you would in your home. Opt for beer, wine + soda on a slimmer budget. Maybe add in a signature drink (even if just for an hour or two) – you can even cap the amount you want to spend on just this. Or you certainly can offer all drinks at no charge if that is what you wish and your budget allows.

Remember you can switch the hosted selections over to a cash bar after 11 pm – I promise by this point in the night most people do not even need anymore to drink 🙂

Another thing to consider is if water is available to your guests at cocktail hour and during the dance.  In some locations, there is not water able to be poured at the bar so only bottles of water are offered at a significant price. Opt to discuss this with your venue manager to see what your options are for a hydration station or hosted bottles at the bar – so your guests aren’t paying to quench their thirst as they come off the dancefloor!

In the end be sure to make a decision that falls in line with your budget, gives your guests a few options, and keeps them hydrated 🙂

Photo by Erin Jean Photography

Cover Photo by Ali Leigh Photo