Classic never goes out of style

March 12, 2018

Classic never goes out of style

We love a good trend as much as the next person however at our core, we’re die-hard “Classic” fans all the way. We always caution brides to remember that these photos will last a lifetime. Especially when it comes to weddings! You don’t want to look back in 20-30 years and say – “wow that was so the 2000’s”.  Kind of like we look back at the unfortunately trendy dress styles of the 70’s with puffy sleeves and heart cut out backs – oh and the terrible powder blue, peach and mauve colors – and let’s not forget the bonnets lol!


Our best advice when selecting a theme/color/dress, keep it classic. Someday when you pull out your wedding album to show your grandkids you want to be telling them stories about the day, how you felt, the love you shared, and not sidetracked by your “awesome” trendy choices adorning the pages ūüôā


You can have fun with color, you can have fun with details, but keep ‘you’ classic and your wedding will forever be timeless.

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Defining 78

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