Creating your dream country wedding

August 16, 2017


Cover Image: Alli Martins Photography

Planning a rustic country themed wedding is fun for so many reasons, especially the creativity of it all! When working with our clients one of the biggest things we focus on is guest experience and the venue. Thinking through how they will encounter the event and what we can do to make the day as comfortable & enjoyable as possible. We’ve compiled a few tips on how to create your dream country wedding!

Signage plays a huge part at outdoor & barn events. This is an area that you can get creative with, whether using chalkboards, old wooden boards, or shutters to write on. Be sure to include signage in multiple areas to let guests know specific locations, time of events, or descriptions (ie. ceremony, bar, dessert table, activities, evening timeline etc.). Also with outdoor events walkways may not be defined, use signposts along the way to let guests know where to go.

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Lighting is another big component that makes a huge difference in your decor! When bringing in your own lighting think through multiple aspects. Complete your rustic theme with beautiful overhead lighting with edison bulb or mason jar chandeliers. Strung cafe lighting throughout can add a soft glow to both outdoors & indoors. Don’t forget your tables and incorporate candles wherever possible. Candlelight brings that dreamy romantic look to your evening that will really transform the space.

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Barn weddings can be so beautiful but always make sure that cleanliness is key, especially if you’re not renting a barn that is specifically in use just for weddings and events. You want a spotless setting to build your design from.  Also this one often gets overlooked, but we highly recommend flushable toilets for these events. If your barn or outdoor setting doesn’t have bathrooms readily available, you’ll want to invest in bringing in a bathroom station. Your guests will thank you when they have nicer accommodations, not to mention the last thing a bride wants to be doing is having her bridesmaids help her navigate a port-a-potty in her wedding gown.

Bring your theme to life with the decor & flowers. Rustic themes allow for mismatched antique seating options, hay bales, benches, or vintage sofa settings. Color schemes can be as bold or muted as you want, whether you’re looking to add tons of soft greenery throughout or you want colorful florals everywhere, either work great with rustic weddings. Think of other antiques and vintage items for accents on dessert tables or the guest book table (ie. old wedding photos of grandparents, lace doilies & runners, family heirlooms, antique jars, books, picture frames…)

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This is just a start but we hope these tips help as you plan your dream country wedding! Don’t forget all the fun parts of finding your perfect dress and attire for your groom! Country weddings are the perfect time to find your favorite pair of boots to go with your ensemble! Our friends at King Ranch Saddleshop have an amazing selection of handcrafted leather boots! They’ve also created this cute checklist below for planning your dream country wedding!