What’s the difference between a venue coordinator & a wedding planner?

July 13, 2017


Ever wonder the difference between a wedding planner and a venue coordinator? People often assume that a venue coordinator does the same things as a wedding planner, but in reality there is a huge difference.

The #1 difference is that a wedding planner works directly for you, the bride. While a venue coordinator works for the venue or hotel.  A wedding planner is by your side the entire process. We are there to help make your wedding vision come to life! However a wedding planner does work with the venue coordinator on the pricing and estimating, on the details, the setup and the take down to ensure that everything is in place when the first guest arrives.

A wedding planner is always your advocate, making sure that your vision is carried out. Overall a venue coordinator’s tasks are to ensure that the venue’s responsibilities (setup, food, drinks, staffing) are taken care of to the hotel’s standards. While the wedding planner ensures they are up to the client’s standards.

As a wedding planner, we are working with your vendors for months, to over a year in advance, discussing with them details, layouts, and logistics. We are communicating closely with your vendors to be certain that we’ve covered all our bases, answered all the questions, and solved any potential problems before they even happen. While a venue coordinator’s role with vendors, primarily happens on the weekend of the wedding itself to make sure that the vendors have shown up at the appropriate times.

Personally, as a wedding planner, it is our goal to make your planning-stress free, to give you stunning decor, and to help create an amazing experience for you and your guests. We love it when we get to work with a great venue coordinator, however we always advise that a venue coordinator can never substitute for what we can do for you as a wedding planner.


Image by Lottie Lillian Photography