Your Wedding BFF….

May 22, 2017

What do you want in a best friend? Someone to care about you, have your back, and be honest, right??

Well that’s exactly what we do.

First off, we care about you. We know that you don’t HAVE to have a wedding planner, but you are choosing to. We genuinely care about you and your wedding day. We care that things go smoothly, we care about whether you’re happy, we care about the details.

We have your back. Seriously! One of our biggest jobs is to be your liaison to vendors. We are here to make sure that you are not just treated fairly, but that you are treated exceptionally well. That your needs are fulfilled, that your vision is created, that everything happens how and when it is supposed to. And if something goes wrong we’re here to stick up for you and fight for you.

We are also here to be honest. Sometimes this is a hard one, but we’re not the friend who is going to let you go to the party in the hideous paisley dress, because you had a temporary lapse of judgement and then you’ll look back on it one day and be like, “what the heck was I thinking!?” lol. We are here to be honest about the process, the costs, the necessities and the non-necessities. We’ve done this a time or two and we’ve figured out the best way to get the most for your budget. We know what works and what doesn’t work. And we’ll be honest about it at every step.

Our mission is to achieve stress-free wedding planning, provide stunning decor, and to create an exceptional experience for you and your guests. You deserve to have this on your wedding day. You deserve to have a day where your biggest concern is that you are overwhelmed by love and joy! Let your wedding BFF take care of everything else 🙂


Cover image by Lottie Lillian Photography