Finding balance in the busyness!

February 1, 2017

I truly believe life is all about balance (mind, body, spirit). If any one area of your life gets off, then the rest of the areas suffer. As a wife, mom, friend, business owner etc. balance is so crucial, yet such a hard thing to achieve. Back in the Fall I felt like certain areas I had a pretty good handle on, but the whole health & exercise part…not as much (considering that 2 out of my 3 meals a day were my grande mocha). Especially after having my third baby in October and heading into “down time” (there really isn’t down time in this business, just different “busy” seasons lol), I knew that winter would be game changer for me. If I didn’t take my health seriously then I knew I couldn’t be the best mom, wife, or boss that I could be.

So I decided to head back to the gym! I work well with plans 🙂 And I knew that I needed a plan in place, with a routine, schedule, skin in the game, and people to keep me accountable. Once I took an approach that was similar to how I work with my own event clients this all started to make more sense!

I started by meeting with my trainer. We determined that weight training 3 days a week would be a good start and something that seemed doable. It’s the same time each Mon/Wed/Fri and holds a permanent appointment on my calendar. If it didn’t then I would totally push it off and fill up that time with other meetings. I also knew that I needed another person, someone to hold me accountable and would push me to get better. This seriously has made such a difference!! My trainer is expecting me to show up and if I don’t, I hear about it, and it’s wasted money (not cool!).

I also think it’s good to have a little motivation so after each workout session I treat myself to a quick tan right after. It helps to counteract the COLD, DREARY winter months of Wisconsin lol!

Tuesday & Thursday I mix it up and bring some peace into my busy schedule by doing either Yoga or Bodyflow. I find I’m more centered and focused when I can start my day with intent – being present and being the best me.

This might sound weird but the added benefit from yoga is that instead of clearing my mind completely, it’s actually my most creative time! During savasana I actually envisioned a bride’s wedding just how I planned the look and I always think of an extra special touch or ‘wouldn’t this be cool’ moment.  I love feeling creative instead of my mind doing the same old wedding planning that it is too easy to do!

My goals are to be the best mom and boss I can be, to play competitively with my kids as they grow, and to lift as many rentals as the men movers do that we hire for events! So as of today I’m 10 weeks in, loving this routine and the balance it gives to my life. If you’ve ever needed some motivation to get started with working out, below is a list of what worked for me! Everyone is different so find what works well with your lifestyle and just start, one day at a time. You won’t regret it!


  • Find some type of exercise that works for you (try different activities until one of them clicks!)
  • Set a routine (routines help create habits, and positive habits can change your life)
  • Schedule your workout as an appointment on your calendar
  • Find someone to keep you accountable (spouse, friend, or hire a trainer)
  • Reward yourself! (Buy some new workout clothes/shoes or hit up the tanning bed post workout session)
  • Fuel your body (Up your water intake and get those fruits & veggies every day)


In no way have I mastered this yet but so far it’s working for me! Here’s to hoping you find your balance in all the busyness!