Wedding Flowers – No small task!

December 6, 2016

Many people only see the final product but there is a ton of work that goes into all the various details of a wedding day. Each decision is carefully crafted and today we’re talking about how we work with florists to create your dream wedding decor!

First off, there is so much more to wedding flowers than just picking out your favorite color & bloom. So so much more 🙂 After we’ve sat down with our brides and grooms to determine their overall theme and feel for their big day then we talk with one of our favorite vendors, buds n bloom design studio.

Choosing your floral design for the day involves thinking through all the various needs. We’re looking at color, texture, size. We’re discussing the aspects of the room, the lighting, how the arrangements will work with the linens and place settings. We look to create visual interest in the room as a whole, offering arrangements with different height elements, using containers and vases that compliment the decor, accenting the tables with other items. And that’s just the start of it! We haven’t even begun to talk about bouquets 🙂

In some cases our couples want a focal piece to draw attention, whether that’s a flower wall, archway, or a dramatic chandelier floral crown overhead. Together we are able to create a stunning design for your special day. Our friends at buds have an endless amount of creativity that constantly amazes us. Each time we bring a couple in for a consult we are personally crafting the decor to fit the couple’s’ theme whether elegant, rustic, whimsical, or romantic.

We love working with a team that we trust and does amazing work!

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