Guest Advice: Patience

September 27, 2016

We are often asked what our best advice for wedding guests is, and while there are so many things we could share (and probably will through more blogs:) ), the best piece of advice for guests is to have patience. Amidst all the excitement of a wedding day it’s easy for guests to become eager for all the various activities. It’s good to be remember that a well organized event has been coordinated and planned according to a timeline. Things are designed to happen at specific times for a reason and as vendors we want everything to flow smoothly.

We totally get that you’re super excited for each next event of the day but we also kindly remind guests that a little patience makes everything more enjoyable. Whether waiting through the receiving line at church, sitting for dinner, waiting for the bar to open, or waiting for a shuttle, patience & understanding helps for everyone to have a better time.

So if you happen to find yourself waiting, strike up a conversation with the person next you, enjoy another drink, take some photos, enjoy the moment, and take time to celebrate this lovely couple that you’re here for!

Image by Defining 78