Wedding Season…..what to wear??

April 28, 2016

Wedding season is almost here and you’re probably starting to wonder “what am I going to wear?”. Navigating what the appropriate attire for a wedding can be difficult sometimes. But understanding the tone & style of the event is helpful when determining if this is a more formal or casual affair.  We’ve compiled a few tips to help you along the way as well as our friends from The Black Tux have created a wonderful style guide that you can download below!

The formality of the wedding should be shown by the invite.

Example: A formal letterpress invitation on thick cotton paper with foil accents would imply a formal affair. You may also tell the formality from the wording of the invite “the please of your request…” would imply formality as well. Plated meal choices on the response card also indicate this. Attire may also be noted on the invite “Formal attire requested” or “black tie affair”



Avery-1-576x576For a less formal affair you may notice not as many inserts or a more casual approach to the wording “let’s celebrate!… join us!…” You may also notice that no formal meal request is needed for the response.
When dressing for the event keep these things in mind…
Church Ceremony or Indoor Reception: Heels, Formal Dress, Men wearing jackets & ties, laced shoes for men.
Outdoor Ceremony or Reception: Possible Wedges instead of flats to navigate the ground, sleeveless dress with a possible shawl for when it cools down. Men may wear a loafer instead of a formal tied shoe, Maybe a tie for the man and not a full jacket due to the heat.

Thanks to The Black Tux for including this cute and informative style guide that you can reference the next time you are struggling with the right clothing choices! Be sure to check out their website, we absolutely love their tux selection and the process couldn’t be easier! The Black Tux is your ‘not so traditional online suit and tuxedo rental company’ offering quality, convenience and value right to your door.



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