Why we do what we do…

January 27, 2016

January is always an exciting time! New starts, big dreams, fresh ideas, crazy goals…there is so much anticipation of how we want the year to go. It’s also this time of year that we reflect on the past year and remember how awesome it was. One of the things that gets us every time is thinking of how many couples we had the chance to share the biggest day of their lives with! Couples who have invited us into this crazy process of wedding planning with them. Couples who have entrusted us to oversee such an important and meaningful event. 


We can’t thank our past couples enough for allowing us to not only be a special part of their day but for letting us be creative in the process. We have worked with some of the most wonderful, thoughtful, and kind brides out there, along with their families! 


We firmly believe that the wedding is about two people declaring their love for one another and committing to each other for the rest of their lives. We totally get that anything beyond that is just icing on the cake (pun intended). But we also believe in creating a beautiful atmosphere, a memorable event, and an unforgettable experience for both the couple & all who attend. We strive for the decor, the flow, and the overall celebration to be just as beautiful as the love that these two people share. 


The kind words we’ve received from past couples is quite possibly the best part of this profession. It truly is why we do what we do. Their words are what drives us to be better, to try harder, and to keep pushing ourselves to make everyone’s experience better than the last! Their words also remind us that this is more than just linens and floral arrangements. It’s a chance to share our heart & passion with others, to provide guidance, to alleviate stress, to make turn dream ideas into a reality. To all of our past couples, THANK YOU!!  And to all of our future couples, we can’t wait to help you make your wedding everything you’ve dreamed of!

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From all of us here at sash&bow, Thanks!!!

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