Swoonworthy coastal wedding perfection

December 28, 2015

After a whirlwind of wonderful holiday activities here Wisconsin, it’s around this time that we find ourselves dreaming of warm weather, sunny skies, beaches, drinks by the seaside…basically any place warm where we can wear sandals!

It’s also around this time, after having a slight break in weddings, that we get that itch. That desire to break out the inspiration boards and start brainstorming and designing ideas for upcoming weddings! While we love our Midwest roots, it’s always fun to be inspired by different parts of the country and think outside the box when it comes to event design! When we came across the Fairmont’s Santa Monica hotel in California, we couldn’t help but start dreaming up beautiful coastal wedding ideas!

image (1)

This property is just stunning and consists of lush Greens, clean lines, and so many rustic touches.
They do a wonderful job of incorporating the texture of the outdoors of California and bring that into their indoor space. Find yourself outdoors where eclectic meets comfortable and the sounds of the tide are in the close distance.The center of this hotel is a historic Moreton Bay fig tree which is perfect to build your event around!

image (2) image (3)

Event Plan:
Use the coastal setting to your advantage, play off all the textures and colors/nature around you.  Keep the clean lines that the hotel brings to your guests who might be staying there.  Make them feel at home and cozy in your space.

Have the attire feel that way too – bring in amazing texture with something like this dress – it is almost like the sea meeting the leaves of trees and soft botanicals.

image (4)

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image (5)

We especially loved all of the delightful accessories that can make a stunning impact to your event.
Use of metals & candelight – to create an ultimate “cozy” feel.

image (6)

Soft whispy linens that flow in the breeze

image (7)

Use of other textures – cotton throws, pillows

image (8)

Amazing detail ideas like custom escort cards

image (9)
via: Elleson Eventson Pinterest

Show a collection near and dear to you – almost like an assorted collection out of a treasure found in the sea

Driftwood  & texture to extend the environment on tables

image (11)
image (12)

We hope this inspired your coastal wedding dreams! Or gave you just enough of a vision to start designing your own destination wedding at one of the beautiful Fairmont locations!!

In the meantime, we’ll be shoveling our way out of the 10+ inches of snow we got last night….this afternoon may consist of looking for plane tickets to anywhere with warmth 🙂