How to write a fantastic wedding toast!

December 10, 2015

We came across an awesome article on the Wedding Chicks by The Tailored Quill on “10 tips on how to write a wedding toast”. We wanted to share it with you and give a few words of advice to go along! (Link above)
So you’re best friend is getting married and you have the coveted role of being maid of honor!!! Yay!! Dresses, bachelorette party, showers, shopping!!! Oh crap. I have to give a toast. *cue sweaty palms* …..
The first step is not to worry. No seriously, worrying only makes it worse. We’ll let the article give the main pointers but here’s our little piece of advice (and trust us… we’ve heard a LOT of good, ok, and well, flat out terrible speeches in our day)….
short & sweet. 
Yep that’s it. 
And just in case you are still stressing, below is a handy little outline you can use 🙂
  • Introduce yourself
  • Say how you know the bride/groom
  • Thank them & their parents for throwing this fabulous party
  • Tell your bestie how much you love her
  • Add a bit about how the couple is perfect for each other
  • Wish them lots of love & happiness
  • *Drink*
Disclaimer: You are allowed to tell a funny story ONLY if it is actually funny and appropriate! Test out the story on a coworker, relative, or your grandma first & if they genuinely laugh then go ahead. But if it falls flat or makes them cringe even the slightest, cut it out 🙂
Linked article by: The Wedding Chicks  & The Tailored Quill //  Feature wedding party image image by: Brynna Nicole Photography