Tuesday Tidbit: Guest Etiquette

August 4, 2015

Be a good guest: Don’t bother the bride!
There is nothing worse than a bride in her final hours of preparation before the wedding ceremony being bothered by her out of town cousin who needs directions to the church because he forgot to put them in the GPS before leaving, or being pestered by the groom’s college roommate on what time the reception starts. Whatever the question might be, 99% of the time, you DO NOT need to bother the bride with it, especially on the wedding day (let alone the week before!).
Be a good guest and read the invitation thoroughly for times, locations, and directions. More than likely the information you were looking for is on there. And if you must ask a question, still don’t bother the bride, there is someone else in the bridal party or connected to the wedding who could answer it for you.
Plan ahead. Let the bride enjoy the day! Trust me she’ll thank you for it ūüôā
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