Tuesday Tidbits: Vows

June 23, 2015

Writing your own vows can be a great way to start your marriage by declaring your love and commitment to one another, though the task itself can be daunting!

Having had the privilege to be at quite a few weddings (as in a LOT), we’ve heard a wide variety of vows ranging from, traditional, to cute & funny, to “why, didn’t I bring more tissues???”. Writing your own vows is one of the few times in life when you personally and thoughtfully  profess not only your love for your partner but also declare promises before your friends and family.

Here are a few tips to help you get started! First, make sure you and your partner are on the same page about writing your own vows and then brainstorm ideas. Whether you decide to write them jointly and read the same vows or you decide to each come up with your own it is good to have a general game plan worked out together.

Remember that your vows do not need to be a multi-chapter novella either. Sweet & simple is a good rule of thumb and if we have to put a time limit on it 2-ish minutes is a good length.

And finally, focus on what is special and meaningful to your relationship. Think about the values & qualities that you share in your relationship and not only how you appreciate those things now but how you want those traits to be ever present in the future. And don’t forget it’s ok to be funny and add in light-hearted moments of inside jokes, or referencing a promise to always put up with your partner’s coffee addiction or tendency to always steal the covers. Either way just be you!

Over at A Practical Wedding, they have the cutest story on a bride and groom who wrote their own sweet & simple vows that are sure to give you ideas for your own!

Also in case you are looking for some humorous inspiration check out these quirky & original vows over at Inspired Bride!

Tuesday Tidbit Writing your own vows