Photographer? Videographer? BOTH!

March 5, 2014

It has been decided.  You have booked your photographer and are set for your big day.  And you’ve been thinking about hiring a videographer.  You’re just not sure if it’s worth the money.  Well, listen up!  HIRE THE VIDEOGRAPHER TOO!

Some people just can’t justify having a photographer AND a videographer but have you ever thought about what photographs don’t show?  Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words but it is a still.  A still image that captures the moment but not the emotion of what’s happening.  Video is able to bring to the life the day you want to remember for the rest of your life.  Video not only captures the moment but also the emotion not always shown in a photographer.

One of our favorite videographers to work with at sash&bow is MatKat ProductionsMatKat Productions is based out of Madison and works with budgets of all sizes!  MatKat strives to shoot creatively, giving different looks to their shots while trying to complement the events as the day goes on.  Plus, no matter which photographer you hire, MatKat Productions will work with them to ensure that your day is going to be COMPLETELY covered!

Take a look at the video MatKat Productions produced from Megan and Shane’s day by clicking HERE!


Megan and Shane also used one of sash&bow’s FAVORITE photographers for their wedding day, Mark Hawkin’s Photography.  To see some of their still images, click HERE!

As you can see, Megan and Shane had the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS… a fabulous photographer and an amazing videographer!  You know you’re going to use one, but put serious thought into using both.  After all, your wedding truly will be a once in a lifetime experience!  Cheers!