To Instagram or Not to Instagram Your Wedding?

February 24, 2014

I love Instagram, don’t get me wrong.  It’s an awesome way to document your life and keep in-touch with friends.  It’s also a whole lot less invasive and ad-driven than Facebook.  But it’s ruining your wedding memories and here’s why…

When you think about your wedding journey, what do you picture…

  • The DIY projects you spent months creating???
  • Your dress fittings with your Mom or Dad tearing up as they see their little girl spin around???
  • Going out with your besties to celebrate your final days as a single girl???
  • Your friends and family coming together from all across the country to celebrate with you???

Everyone is snapping photos and video on their phones during your engagement, bachelorette, bachelor parties, showers, as well as at your wedding itself.  I just hope they’re not doing it on Instagram.  Wait, what’s so bad about Instagram???  Well, you and your friends are out there capturing these memories on their cell phones, but when you post it to Instagram…

  • It’s not permanent.
  • You can’t get other people’s photos (or videos).
  • You can’t do anything with it.
  • Face it.  It’s just gone.

That’s not to mention the fact that your wedding guests are spending half the reception Instagramming and commenting on each other’s photos rather hitting on bridesmaids on the dance floor — as it should be.  But, that’s another topic.

When I say Instagram isn’t permanent I mean you don’t actually have the photos.  And even if you create a wedding hashtag, all you can do is look at it — on Instagram.  Yes, you can see the photos in which you’re tagged or that are in your hashtag, but you can’t actually download them (without some serious hacking).  Lastly, what are you going to be able to do with those low-resolution square photos? Not a whole lot.  And if you can somehow get the videos, they are going to be too compressed to use.

So what can you do about it?  Simple.  Have your friends make sure everything is saved to camera roll in their Instagram settings . Here are a few suggestions so you can actually get their photos and videos from their camera roll…

  • Set up a dropbox to capture everyone’s clips and photos
  • Set up a closed Facebook group for your wedding guests — anyone can upload and download photos.  They can also upload videos, which can then be embedded or shared.
  • Set up a wedding YouTube account and give everyone the password.  They can upload the clips from their phones and cameras.  With a special Firefox plug-in you can download the clips for later editing.

Then, they can Instagram away (as long as they drink up and party).  Just keep in mind that any videos filmed on Instagram will be saved as square to the camera roll, and they’ll be a mash-up of everything they shot while pressing the record button (while drunk on the dance floor hitting on bridesmaids).  Cheers!