What’s HOT… Strike a Pose!

February 2, 2014

Looking to add something more than just a photo booth to your wedding?  Sick of trying to fit 4, 5 or even 6 people into a tiny box just to get a fun picture?  Well, sash&bow has found just what you are looking for!

Strike a Pose is Green Bay’s EXCLUSIVE photo lounge!  Strike a Pose is the photo booth without a booth!  It’s the high energy photo shoot that comes to you and takes your event to the next level!

Is it a photo booth?  Or a mobile photo studio?  It’s actually both, but way cooler!  Strike a Pose is the photo booth that “thinks outside the box!”  Small enough for a portrait, but big enough for ten of your closest friends, it’s a memorable and unique photography experience for your event!

The word “studio” sounds big, but actually requires a minimal amount of space at your venue.  The staff of Strike a Pose will set-up a fun, colorful backdrop, open up the prop box and let your guests show-off their best  impressions or craziest faces for the camera.

So, it’s not the same thing as a photo booth?  A photo booth is a small box with a curtain that people squeeze into and then press a button to take the photos.  A photo lounge is actually a small studio setup, with a selection of fun props and a real photographer running the camera.  The photographer doesn’t just take the pictures but also encourages your guests to get wild and silly.  The experience is much more fun and interactive than a box with button!

The staff of Strike a Pose has been around weddings for years.  They have learned what hosts want for their guests at the event – make it FUN and MEMORABLE.  They created Strike a Pose so that you have memories of all your guests and that’s why we at sash&bow want you to CHECK THEM OUT at www.strikeaposegb.com!

Take your wedding to the next level, contact the staff of Strike a Pose TODAY!  Cheers!