The Art of Saying Thank You!

January 15, 2014

Saying THANK YOU is never more important than it is at your wedding I cannot stress enough the importance of showing your gratitude to those involved in your special day.  While simply saying thank you is a courteous gesture, it’s important to recognize the lengths your guests have gone to ensure their attendance at your wedding celebrations.

For guests who are traveling a great distance, be sure to place refreshments in their hotel rooms.  From simple bottles of water and snacks to personalized ‘Welcome Baskets’ for guests to enjoy, no gesture is ever too small.

At the ceremony, consider the season.  For a rustic garden wedding, gift saplings planted in mason jars that give back to both Mother Nature and your guests.  Miniature bottles of Möet & Chandon accompanied by a personalized thank you note for each guest requires a bit of extra time and effort, but is an exceptionally thoughtful way to thank each guest at a glittering winter wedding.

Most importantly, be sure to thank guests for their attendance and gifts with a personalized letter or thank you note, for I truly believe a handwritten note will never go out of style.  Oh, and don’t be afraid to make a one-of-a-kind postcard to send all guests; guests always enjoy a professional picture to take them back to your special day!

No matter what your wedding style, theme, or budget, find a small way to thank you guests!  Cheers!