2014 Wedding Lighting Trends

December 17, 2013

Of all the décor options, lighting design is the ultimate element that will set the tone for your wedding. More than just illuminating a room, imaginative and well-planned lighting will establish your ideal environment, transforming your wedding from ordinary to extraordinary.

Advances in technology and a trend in more unique weddings have turned lighting design into an element of personalization rather than functionality.  Larry Lustberg of Stortz Lighting has noticed a decline in “cookie-cutter” weddings and a move toward more “couture, individually-crafted weddings, designed from the ground up to fit the individual vision and budget of the bride and groom.”  Many of the weddings Lustberg has worked on recently have been smaller, which he says allows the couple and design partners to focus on creating a stunning ambiance to be appreciated by their family and friends.

This focus has led to the emergence of more distinctive lighting styles.  Here are the top trends that will bathe your guests in jaw dropping light…

Chadeliers… While chandeliers aren’t a new form of lighting, they are being used in more creative ways.  Rather than a single fixture overlooking a table, chandeliers are being more commonly grouped together or hung from distinguished areas, such as tents or chuppahs.  Chandeliers can even bring their beautiful glow to the outdoors.

Outdoor Lighting… As brides diverge from traditional venues and opt for more unconventional ones, outdoor lighting has become increasingly popular.  Café string bulbs, as well as vintage pendants, can also be hung from the ceilings of ballrooms for brides who wish to bring the outdoors in.

Video Mapping... Elegant video mapping can transform a reception by adding a touch of awe and enchantment.

Break-Up Patterns... The custom monogram is being abandoned for eye-catching break-up patterns. Also known as a Gobo projection, this practical and stylish lighting design is projected on an open wall or dance floor to hide imperfections or to create a focal point.

Intelligent Dance Floor Lighting… At the heart of the evening’s festivities is the dance floor, which can be brought to life with intelligent dance floor lighting.  This favored technique matches light to every second of the music and is controlled by a lighting technician.  Intelligent dance floor lighting is ideal for the imaginative bride and groom who want to spotlight their special moments and get guests gravitating toward the dance floor.

Incandescent Lighting… For a delicate and sophisticated glow, many brides prefer incandescent lighting.  For brides who want to transform their wedding into something magical, incandescent lighting will surely sculpt an alluring vibe.

Candlelight… When strategically paired with other lighting techniques, candles have the propensity to create a dim, magical glow that compliment any and all surrounding subjects.  For the bride and groom who wish to have wedding lighting that’s both sultry and complimentary, the glow of candles is a fantastic option.

LED Lighting... LED lighting has become a popular choice for brides who prefer a more modern twist to their wedding.  Functional and versatile, LED lights add to the ambiance in multifarious ways, from uplighting to brightening centerpieces to projections.

What do you think?  Are you getting married in 2014?  Want to transform your reception space with fantastic lighting?  Well, sash&bow has just want you’re looking for!  Contact Alliey at alliey@ sashandbow.com TODAY!

And remember… “Lighting is a little technical, and a little mystical, but in the end, lighting is really, really important.”