How To: Maid of Honor Speech!

September 11, 2013

Writing the perfect Maid of Honor toast can be a bit stressful!  However, once you get organized and develop a format, the process can be much more enjoyable.  Here are a few helpful tips and an easy format to follow when writing your maid of honor speech!

5 Tips for Preparing a Maid of Honor Speech…

1)  Start early. About a month prior to the wedding you should begin brainstorming.  As you think of fun memories write them down.  Keep a rolling list of ideas, memories, quotes, etc.

2)  Don’t expect to nail it on the first draft.  Like any good paper, you will need edit, cut or rearrange and re-write to get it just right.

3)  Keep it short.  We say two minutes maximum for a toast.  This is where editing is key.  Prioritize and select the most effective message, cut the rest.

4)  Don’t forget the groom.  No doubt, you have lots of great things to say about the bride.  But be sure to include the groom.  It doesn’t have to be long a simple “welcome to the family” will do.

5)  Practice Practice PRACTICE.  Most of us are not trained public speakers.  The key to calming nerves, speaking at the right pace (not too fast!) and enjoying the moment is being prepared. Having your toast almost memorized also gives you the confidence to look up from your notes at the newlyweds.

Format for a Maid of Honor Toast…

1)  Introduce who you are and how you know the bride.

2)  Share 1-3 short stories about the bride.

3)  Thank the bride for including you on her special day and tell her how fabulous she is.

4)  Mention the groom!

5)  Wrap it up. You can do this with a quote, song lyrics or any way you choose.

Good luck!  No matter what, make the speech yours!  Do NOT find one on the internet!

No matter how nervous you are, speak from the heart and it will be PERFECT!