Things Wedding Planners DO!

September 3, 2013

It’s no secret that every bride deserves to have a wedding planner because every bride deserves to have a wonderful, stress free wedding planning process.  But there are many brides out there who insist that their mom/friend/cousin/aunt, or even themselves (crazy!), can handle things.  Sure, of course they can, but there are also things that a wedding planner can do that your mom/aunt/friend can’t do!

These things can range from having relationships with the vendors you’re working with, to “putting out fires” in the days leading up to your wedding.  Chances are good that your mom/aunt/friend, even if they say they’re going to take care of everything for you, are going to want to enjoy the wedding at some point.  Or what if your mom/friend/cousin/aunt isn’t exactly going along with what you want for your wedding?  Who’s going to get them in line?  And at the wedding, someone drops a drink on the dance floor, who’s going to clean up that broken glass?  Or make sure that all of your gifts and extra details get sent home?  There are so many situations that can occur that a planner would be much better suited to handle.  So here are a few of those things that wedding planners do…

1. Offer insight, suggestions, and advice based on their expertise. – Wedding planners are wedding planners because they plan weddings, lots of them!  They know weddings, the industry, what they’re doing, and the industry norms. W why go blindly into something that you’ve never done before (planning a wedding) when you can have someone by your side who has tons of experience?

2. Provide access to the relationships that they have in the wedding industry. – Yourself, your mom, your cousin, chances are that they don’t already have relationships developed within the industry (unless they already work in the industry, and then, you’re in luck!).  Having a planner means that they can help you in choosing your vendors, and the relationships that they have will most certainly help.

planner 4

3. Mediation. – Wedding planners tend to be excellent mediators.  A wedding planner can step in and provide logical reasons to explain to your mom why fake flowers aren’t the way to go.  Sometimes it takes someone who ISN’T emotionally involved in the wedding planning to make sense of things.

4. Handle behind-the-scenes issues in the days leading up to and on the day of the wedding. – Things DO go wrong in the days leading up to and one the day of the wedding.  It could be that the linens are wrong, the guest counts are off, or a vendor is late.  Regardless, you already have enough on your plate before and on the day of your wedding; you don’t need more to stress you out.  Which is why a planner can handle these things, and sometimes you don’t even have to know!

planner 2

5. A wedding planner is there to WORK for YOU. – A planner is at your wedding to WORK, not to enjoy it and mix and mingle with friends and family.  You and your mom/aunt/friend deserve to be able to enjoy your wedding day, right?  You don’t want those close to you to look back on their wedding day and have regrets.

6. Making sure the wedding gets setup correctly- without having to worry about hair, makeup, photos, etc. – It’s not very fun to be on your feet for a few hours before a wedding, setting up and sweating, and then have to put on a fancy dress and look presentable.  Not fun at all.  In addition to that, it’s also incredibly difficult for a wedding day to go smoothly when people are running around everywhere doing things.  You can’t find the best man/maid of honor/mom/groom/whoever, people are late getting their hair and makeup done, and most importantly, they’re not spending any time with YOU, the bride.  It really does make a difference.

7. Timing and logistics of the day’s events. –  You will have NOTHING to worry about with the right wedding planner.

planner 1

So with all that said, let’s just say that it’s definitely possible for your mom/friend/cousin/aunt to help you plan your wedding, we just recommend that it be alongside a wedding planner like sash&bow!  Email Alliey at TODAY!  Cheers!