Detail to LOVE… Seating Charts!

July 27, 2013

Happy Saturday lovelies! Seating charts and escort cards/items are some of the best, most unique, wedding details.  Not only are these great ways to have a fun detail at your wedding, but they also serve the purpose of keeping an orderly flow going for your wedding reception!  The window pane seating chart is a perfect example of a great seating chart with some vintage flare!  Placed at the entry to the reception, and in alphabetical order, the two necessary items for a successful seating chart, the window pane seating chart adds the perfect, personalized, touch as guests enter the dining room ! Oh, and to make it even better, writing on the window panes with dry erase markers makes any last minutes changes and/or editions easy!

Take a look at the wonderful window pane seating chart…


Is this seating chart a little too vintage for your taste?  Well, another GREAT seating chart option is a scroll in a box!  The scroll in a box seating chart offers the same benefits of the window pane seating chart, but it is displayed in a more modern, sophisticated manner.  Printed and placed in a gorgeous bold picture frame with your monogram and wedding date featured on the top, a scroll in a box may better suite the style of your wedding.

Take a look at the fabulous scroll in a box seating chart…

Scroll in a Box

What do you think of these two GREAT seating chart options?  Whatever your preference, sash&bow has the right option for you!  For more information on seating chart options and all things weddings, contact Alliey at TODAY!  Cheers!