Hello Yellow!

May 15, 2013

Spring has sprung, the sun is shining and summer is just a hop, skip, and a jump away!  With this, we are seeing all the fabulous bright colors blooming in flowers, fashion, décor, and wedding/event design.  One of these hot colors, YELLOW!, is being paired with anything from black and white to mint greens and peony pinks.  In fact, Lemon Zest was recently announced as one of the top 10 Spring/Summer 2013 color trends by Pantone!

The color psychology of yellow brings hope, happiness and fun into our lives.  It is an uplifting color that illuminates, stimulating our mental faculties; it is the color of new ideas.  Yellow is optimistic, cheerful, and enthusiastic and can awaken confidence and creativity.  It is welcoming, warm, and cheerful… a dynamic color that is perfect to highlight and accessorize, whether it is fashion, home décor, or a wedding or special event.  However, “highlight” is the key word!  Yellow vibrates and is fast moving so using too much yellow in a design palette can potentially cause agitation or stress so keep your target audience in mind when planning an upcoming event utilizing the color yellow.

Yellow is a color that is highly visible and eye-catching.  Think about it… fast food chain signs, caution signs, yellow street lights, taxi cabs, school buses, heavy construction equipment, pedestrian crosswalk signs, and retail sales signs are bright yellow.  It stimulates mental activity and grabs our attention!  So, no matter where you decide to incorporate this color keep this in mind when planning your wardrobe, home décor or next event or wedding.

When planning a wedding, opt to accessorize with the color yellow.  It is such a hot trend but make sure not to overindulge!  Brides are incorporating this color into their floral arrangements, invitations, and wedding cakes.  Other colors that are being paired with yellow are black, mint green, shades of pink and bright royal blue!  Colorful shoes are on-trend as well, so brides and bridesmaids can pop the color yellow into their shoes and bouquets.

From light canary yellow to bright yellow and mustard, this is a fabulous color to highlight any event! Not only will it brighten the ambience, but uplift the spirits of all guests in attendance.