Happy Mother’s Day!

May 12, 2013

The staff of Sash and Bow would like to wish all of you FABULOUS moms a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY today!

Moms are such an important part of the wedding planning process and we thought it was the appropriate time to write about how invaluable the mother of the bride is in the wedding planning process.

Moms play MANY roles when it comes to helping their little girls plan their weddings.  They often are wedding planners, therapists, travel agents, sounding boards, scribes, stylists, calligraphers, copy editors and even more things as well!

They serve as experts in the virtues of engraved, black-on-cream invitations, cutaways for the groom and groomsmen, and a choir at the church.  She often attends food and cake tastings even though she has food allergies and couldn’t actually taste anything.  She’s by your side for dress fittings and gladly tags along when it’s time to register for bridal shower and wedding gifts as well.  She keeps telling you to relax and take naps and that everything will be PERFECT all while she is staying up all night stuff wedding invitations.

Brides-to-be, be sure to make your mother feel special and included on your big day.  After all, this is a big day for her too!  And above nothing else, always remember to tell her, “I love you.“  Cheers to all the wonderful mothers-of-the bride out there!

Want to make things a little easier for mom?  Sash and Bow can make that happen!  Email Alliey at alliey@sashandbow.com TODAY to see how we can make your and mom’s jobs a little easier!  Cheers!