When They RSVP “NO”

April 26, 2013

It’s so exciting to have the RSVPs rolling in especially when they say “YES!”  RSVP’s mean that your wedding is almost here!  You get an idea of who will be sharing in your special day and who will be partying the night away with you on the dance floor!

But there is definitely a part of the wedding process involved with the RSVPs that most brides are NOT prepared for.  And that part is how you feel when someone you really thought would be there says “NO,” they will not be attending.

Truthfully, every bride needs to be a little prepared for this; after all, EVERYONE cannot attend.  Not everyone lives within a reasonable distance of your wedding and, believe it or not, there could be another wedding the SAME day as yours!  Yes, it seems crazy but it IS possible.  However, while you are slightly prepared for not everyone attending, there will be a few people not attending that will surprise you.

Be prepared, some of the biggest surprises may be those you thought would never miss your special day for the world.  Exhibit “A,” your grandparents.  Yes, I said it, YOUR GRANDPARENTS!  Grandmas and grandpas are very important people in our lives but depending on the location, if travel is involved in attending your wedding, it may not be feasible for them to attend.  If these people are MUST HAVES for your special day, take these things into consideration: 1) Their age; 2) The location of your wedding.  If you are insistent of your grandparents being at your wedding and they are pushing 90, it is essential that you have your wedding in relatively close proximity to where they live; approximately 2 hours or less from their place of residence.

While most grooms will seem not bothered by many things when it comes to your wedding, it could surprise you how it affects them when someone they were SURE would be attending RSVPS “No.”  Be prepared.  When their best friend from college isn’t able to attend, they will be a little disappointed.  However, remind them of the people that ARE COMING!  Always remember, grooms have feelings too so, in reality, it’s a good thing if someone isn’t attending and they are a bit disheartened; it just shows how important this day truly is to them.

While no one will warn you about this part, the staff of Sash and Bow wants to reassure you that not everyone can come to your wedding!  But it still will be a bummer every time you get a “NO.”  However, don’t be sad about it and don’t get hung-up on it because you still have a lot of people who ARE coming and it’s going to be a great time!  After all, it’s YOUR DAY!